About Me

Hey, I'm Sarah Gaspari!

I work with people who are looking for learning solutions to take their company to the next level. I give them the tools to turn challenges into accomplishments, and change into progress. 

I've got seven years of experience teaching and writing curriculum, three awards for my instructional skills and leadership, a master's degree in elementary curriculum and instruction, and a certificate in adult learning theory.  

When I'm not designing and leading instruction, I am cooking and baking my way around the world. Currently, you may find me in South East Asian attempting to master dumplings, moon cakes and ramen. I am also working my way around the world in a more literal sense, as I love to travel and have visited twenty four countries so far, and counting! If you're dying to know more, here are some other fun facts about me: 

My life's work is to give others what they need to evolve to the next level. Whether it's overcoming minor setbacks or achieving a monumental benchmark, I help others reach their goals. Work with me right this second by emailing me to set up an initial consultation. 

Email: gasparilearning@gmail.com