Visual Storyboarding

These design documents, a course outline and storyboard, demonstrate my process for creating highly visual eLearning materials


I worked with this client to provide marketing materials that highlighted key aspects of small group travel to their audience. During the kick-off meeting, timelines and topics were established as well as the general format of the video.

I worked closely with a Subject-Matter Expect (SME) to get answers to targeted questions that fleshed out my research on the topic. From there, I created a Course Outline on PowerPoint to frame the content and develop the flow, transitions and story arc. At this stage, the client and I reviewed the document and provided feedback and recommendations.

Next, I used PowerPoint and Vyond to create a visual storyboard. The storyboards were finalized in collaboration with the client and SME. The final video is visible below, as well as under my Custom Videos section.

Responsibilities: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer

Tools: Vyond, PowerPoint, Canva

Target Audience: Professional Women of Color

Client: Melanated Girls Around the World

Date: August 2021

Course is in ongoing development

Storyboard and Script


Final Product

2D Animation: Melanated Girls Around the World