De-Escalating Customer Training

This course helps customer service agents address and resolve phone calls with frustrated customers.

De-Escalating Customer Calls


Responsibilities: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer

Tools: Articulate Rise, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, PowerPoint

Target Audience: Customer Service Representatives

Client: Customer Service Agency

Date: March 2021

There were three main objectives for the course: To develop an initial process for responding to customer stress, to become familiar with active listening skills, and to employ sentence stems that enhance customer agency and calm.


This course was rapidly developed to address an immediate need with limited information. I developed this course using Cathy Moore's Action Mapping. Since this was a hypothetical situation, this process worked best to account for the lack of feedback from implementation. The course is self-paced and allows the learner to return to any topic they wish to review. The goal of this course is to change behavior, so many of the activities are interactive and require action and involvement on the part the learner. The assessment is scenario-based to mimic realistic situations the target audience may face.