HIPAA and Technology

This course design helps administrative and direct-support staff at a healthcare company to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations when using work and personal devices.


This course is in ongoing development. The current training for staff around HIPAA regulations is minimal and staff performance does not achieve the company goals. The company has suffered several HIPAA violations, specifically related to technology use. My challenge was to create an asynchronous course that addressed staff performance and established new protocols for protecting patient privacy.

This course can be used for the entire staff and can also be used as an annual refresher with no additional man hours from leadership.

Responsibilities: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Canva

Target Audience: Administrative and Direct-Support Staff

Client: Private Healthcare Company

Date: July 2021


The client performed a Needs Gap Analysis and sought to address a gap in staff complaince to HIPAA. My design process was a modified ADDIE model. During the kick-off meeting for the project, I reviewed the information from the Needs Gap Analysis and we set up goals and timelines for the course. I worked closely with a Subject-Matter Expert (SME) in the Analysis and Development phase to receive feedback and ensure course accuracy.

Course Design Documents

Below you may see my course design process. The documents feature a course blueprint to determine the overall structure and flow, and the second document is a detailed course outline with topics, sub-topics and bullet-pointed content.